Top Three Things To Look For in an SEO Company

SEO has come a long way in the past decade, some things have drastically changed whereas others have not changed at all.  When looking for an SEO company to help you improve your rankings in the search engines, you need to find a company who will not only keep your best interests in mind but who will also keep up with the latest SEO changes.

Let’s say for example you are a company located in Modesto, California and are looking for a Modesto SEO company. There are going to be a ton of companies for you to choose from, but you need to be careful when choosing your company because some can actually do more harm than good.

Before you hire a company, you need to ask them three very important question.

1) Do They Keep Current?

You need to ask them if they keep current with their techniques, and if they do you need to ask them what type of techniques they use.  Some of them might say they are not allowed to say, if that is their answer then avoid that company at all cost. The good companies will have no issues telling you what their techniques are.

2) Can Your See Their Portfolio?

If they are a good company they should have a large portfolio of work they have done for their current clients.  It is good to see this portfolio as proof that they are in fact able to rank these other companies at the top of Google. If they try telling you they aren’t able to show you their portfolio out of confidentiality then that is a red flag because they can easily show you their portfolio without giving away any of their ‘secrets’ or compromising their clients rankings in any way.

3) Do They Look Out For Your Best Interest?

Out of all three things to look for in an SEO company, this is probably the most important one.  A good company will not only look out for your search engine needs but will also look out for all of your business need. We used to work with a company that would always give us a call when a new domain name became available that might be a good match for us (and no, they didn’t get any money from us purchasing it). That company would also give us great advice on how to improve our marketing and even take care of our back end client reputation management.

Finding an SEO company isn’t the easiest thing in the world, you should spend some time calling a few companies only make your decision after you have talked to at least 10. Don’t make your final decision after only talking to one.

Must Own Equipment For Serious Boaters

There is no doubt that boating is one of the most fun activities you can do.  Being out in the open water with the wind in your face is not only fun, but exhilarating!

However, boating can be dangerous without the right equipment.  If you are a serious boater you need to make sure you own the following equipment.

1) Boat Fenders and Bumpers

Most boat owners go out and purchase the cheapest boat fenders and bumpers they can find. This is a HUGE mistake.  Why? Because their boats will get scratched up and ruined by hitting the docks.  You need to invest in heavy duty fenders and bumpers that keep your boat of the dock.  That’s what Docktight Boat Fenders are for.

These revolutionary fenders allow you to dock your boat in a matter of seconds while keeping the boat from hitting the dock while you are gone.

There are a lot of companies that have tried to copy Docktight, but do yourself a favor and spend a few extra bucks to protect your boat, you’ll thank yourself for this later.

2) Anchors

Yes, you DO need an anchor if you are a serious boater.  Many boaters try to say they don’t need an anchor because they will never “park” their boats in the middle of the water, but trust me…you need an anchor. Even if you don’t think you will be parking your boat, you will.

Good news is unlike fenders, you can get away with purchasing a cheap anchor. The only thing that matters is the weight. The weight of your boat determines the weight of the anchor you need.

3) Life Jackets

You should not only own life jackets because it is the law, but you need to make sure you actually wear them, this is especially true for children who either can’t swim or are just learning how to swim.  Make sure you get you get the right sized life jacket for everyone on the boat.

As long as you have fenders from docktight, a cheap anchor, and properly fitting life jackets for everyone on the boat, you have all the equipment you need to be safe and have a fun time out on the water.